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Human Histone Modification Database (HHMD), a comprehensive database for human histone modifications, which focuses on integrating useful histone modification information from experimental data  that is essential for understanding these modifications at a systematic level. The current release of HHMD incorporates 43 location-specific histone modifications in human. We also provide a comprehensive resource of histone modification regulation in 9 human cancer types. We developed HisModView to facilitate the users to browse histone modifications in the context of existing human genomic annotations.
  • All Histone modifications can be searched by gene ID, cancer name, histone modification or chromosome location.
  • Please cite the paper: "HHMD: the human histone modification database, Nucleic Acids Research 2010, 38(Database issue):D149-D154."
  • HHMD will update regularly.  Last Update: 11-29-2009

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Histone Database
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