The human disease methylation database, DiseaseMeth is a web based resource focused on the aberrant methylomes of human diseases. Until recently, bulks of large-scale data are avaible and are increasingly grown, from which more information can be mined to gain further information towards human diseases. Our mission is to provide a curated set of methylation information datasets and tools in the human genome, to support and promote research in this area. Especially, we provide a genome-scale landscape to show human methylaton information in a scalable and flexible manner.

Currently, DiseaseMeth includes 175 datasets which are extracted from Methylation arrays and sequencing datasets and 14530 entries of scattered aberrant methylation information(72 diseases). DiseaseMeth supports analysis and visualization of these datasets, download for further analysis and can even easily import to the most popular genome browser: GBrowse of all version to date.

Further information of citation, updates and statistics are available in this page.

This site is updating regularly.

21 Aug 2010 - Website started to build

11 Mar 2011 - Search tools completed

14 May 2011 - Disease-Disease analysis tools built

16 May 2011 - Gene-Gene analysis tools built

16 May 2011 - Disease-Gene analysis tools built

26 July 2011 - Data collection stage I completed

15 Sep 2011 - Search tools optimized






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